Victims Of Dog Mauling May Have To Undergo Rabies Treatment

Pit Bull Story 2Caution: Story Contains Graphic Images:

Tests on a pit bulldog shot to death by Four Oaks Police after it bit three people at the Travelers Inn Motel on August 27th are inconclusive for rabies.

Johnston County Animal Services Director Ernie Wilkinson told WTSB News on Tuesday the dog was taken to the NC Public Health Laboratory in Raleigh where tests could not determine if the animal did or didn’t have rabies.  It will now be up to medical officials and the victims whether they have to receive a series of three shots each for rabies.

Four Oaks Police say they are still investigating the attack that injured three people, one seriously. 

Police Chief S.A. Anderson said they have spoken to the owner of the animal but have not decided if any criminal charges will be filed.    Pit Bull Story 3