VIP For VIP Program Designed To Prevent Teen Traffic Deaths

VIP for VIP 2On Thursday, the VIP for a VIP program was held at Princeton High School. The Vehicle Injury Prevention for a Very Important Person consisted of testimonies from area emergency workers, a video presentation, following by a realistic re-enactment of a fatal teen automobile accident in the student parking lot.  The re-enactment was meant to demonstrate the realities of careless driving and careless decisions.

Over 40 percent of teen deaths occur in motor vehicle accident.

The emotional program was dedicated to the students who have lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents while attending Princeton High School. 
Princeton High, with 960 students, has had 6 student fatalities within 6 years, so this was a particularly powerful message for the students and staff members. 

The NC Highway Patrol, Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, Princeton Police Department, Johnston County EMS, and Princeton Fire Department participated in the event.

As part of the VIP for a VIP, students and their parents were asked to sign a “VIP Contract for Life” which asks students to adhere to safe driving, a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, and calling their parents before driving impaired. The parent is asked to respond respectfully to assure the student gets home safely. 

“Turn Down 4 Distracted Driving” shirts were offered free to all students.

VIP for VIP 3