Wayne Community College Reducing Number Of Students On Campus

Wayne Community College is reducing the number of students on its campus after Thanksgiving.

As many classes as possible will be held during their regular times in online platforms. The migration to completely virtual delivery will be completed by Thanksgiving and the classes will run that way through the end of the semester on December 15.

The majority of the college’s fall courses are already online or hybrid (a combination of in-person and online instruction).

The Art and Sciences Division and Business and Computer Technologies Division have the most courses that are affected by the change. Most applied technology, public safety, and allied health courses will continue to run as they currently do.

In-person Workforce Continuing Education courses are also switching to online where possible.

Instructors of the affected courses are communicating with their students about the changes.

All college offices will remain open and able to assist current and potential students. Spring semester registration is underway and will continue until December 15.

The move is a reaction to the growing number of positive COVID-19 cases in the county, state, and nation. It is a proactive move that will reduce foot traffic on the campus by approximately 75 percent, said Dr. Patty Pfeiffer, vice president of academic and student services.

“I dislike that we have to do it but I believe it is the best solution. We don’t need to wait too long, too close to exams. We want them to finish strong,” Pfeiffer said.

“I feel like we are a very safe place. Positives and exposures are not coming from here. We are being diligent on this campus,” Pfeiffer said.

WCC began conducting in-vehicle COVID-19 screenings on all who work, study, or conduct business in its facilities in August, prior to the start of the fall semester. The college was already requiring face coverings and had implemented other safety measures.

“We have done a remarkable job. We are constantly complimented by outside entities. Students and staff know they shouldn’t come to campus if they don’t feel well. We have multiple layers of protection – masks, social distance, hand sanitizer, and cleaning.”

“We’ve been pleased with the acceptance of the precautions we have implemented so far to keep us all safe from COVID-19. This is one more of those efforts to insure we continue to provide as safe an environment as possible for our students and employees while maintaining our expected level of quality instruction and services,” said WCC President Thomas A. Walker Jr.