Wayne County Sheriff Fires Employee Who Made Inflammatory Comments On Social Media

Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce released a statement Monday afternoon regarding recent protests and riots, and an employee who reportedly made comments on social media.

“The recent incident in Minneapolis has led to cries for change across our nation, and the world. As the Sheriff of Wayne County, I swore an oath to protect and serve every citizen of Wayne County. Specifically in that oath, I vowed to have respect for citizens’ common and constitutional rights. The tragedy resulting in the loss of George Floyd’s life was inexcusable and intolerable. In that same oath, I pledged to maintain integrity and honesty, and I expect no less from every employee in my office.”

“The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of inflammatory statements by an employee of our organization. Let me be clear, these types of statements or comments will not be tolerated. I, along with County Manager Craig Honeycutt, have, and will, deal swiftly with any employee who attempts to undermine, antagonize, or incite during these peaceful protests. One individual has been terminated after we were made aware of comments on social media. To those citizens who brought this to our attention, we thank you.”