Wendy’s In Selma Has Special Employee

Sherrell, an employee at Wendy’s in Selma, underwent job training at JCI to overcome his difficulties before landing his job as a Lobby Attendant. Sherrell says he enjoys meeting and talking to people.

Have you visited the Wendy’s on Highway 70 in Selma? If so you have more than likely been greeted by Sherrell.

Sherrell is employed as a Lobby Attendant. His job duties include: sweeping, mopping, cleaning trays and tables, restocking the utensils and condiments, and taking out the trash.

Sherrell was referred to JCI by the Johnston County Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for assistance with job training in June of 2014. JCI provided Sherrell with the workforce development skills he needed to secure employment. This assistance also helped Sherrell to overcome his difficulty with communicating with others.

Sherrell says he likes working hard and enjoys meeting and talking with new people. He also says he likes to help with duties in the drive-through window.

Emily Aycock, Long Term Vocational Services Employment Specialist at JCI provides support and supervision on the job site and assists him with managing functional differences to help him maintain his job.

(Left to right) Tienna Daniels, manager of the Selma Wendy’s, said Sherrell is a hard worker and loves making people smile.

“Sherrell is a hard worker,” said Tienna Daniels, Manager of the Selma Wendy’s. “There isn’t anything he will not do when asked. Even without asking he jumps in and helps out where needed. He is always friendly.”

“When he walks in he greets everyone, the crew included. He puts a smile everyone’s face. He helps us a lot by taking care of the lobby and customers. If a customer needs something he makes sure to provide them with what they need,” Daniels said. “JCI has provided us with a great employee.”

JCI is an entrepreneurial, nonprofit corporation dedicated to empowering people with disabilities or disadvantages to succeed through training and employment. JCI was first established in 1975.