West Johnston Teacher Awarded Chamber Teacher Of The Year

West Johnston High School’s career and technical education teacher Amanda Fisher has been selected as the 2016 Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce (GCCOC) Teacher of the Year.

West Johnston High School Principal Dr. Paula Coates (left)  and Career and Technical Education teacher Amanda Fisher (right).
West Johnston High School Principal Dr. Paula Coates (left) and Career and Technical Education teacher Amanda Fisher (right).

West Johnston’s Principal, Dr. Paula Coates, nominated Fisher for the award. Fisher’s husband, John, submitted a biography to accompany the nomination.

John Fisher wrote, “Amanda’s professional excellence is driven by the same character traits that exemplify her personal life: devotion, compassion, and tireless enthusiasm.”

“A wonderful friend, wife, and puppy- mother to one over-sized border collie, she gives to everyone in her life love, laughter, and a helping hand. Whether running a charity 5K or driving across the state to visit an old friend, you will not often find Amanda idle, even after a long week of teaching, coaching, and advising,” said Mr. Fisher.

“If she’s not on the go, then she is likely spending time with her family. No doubt her strong family helped developed her into the confident and compassionate woman she is today,” said Mr. Fisher.  “Teaching is somewhat of a family tradition for the Halls, as her mother was a business teacher for 30 years in Cumberland County, and her brother is a physical education teacher there as well.”

“If you asked Amanda if teaching “her way,” meaning always being available for students, running multiple clubs and sports, and being an advocate and supporter of her school and students by showing up and cheering for as many after-school events as her schedule will allow is worth the long hours and occasional headaches that come with it, I think her answer would be a resounding –  yes,” he said.  “The bonds of friendship she’s developed with some of her current and former co-workers, and the pride in her students which radiates from her, have become part of the fabric of her life.  And I don’t think she’d trade them for anything.”

Mrs. Fisher has been a career and technical education (CTE) teacher at West Johnston for eight years. She was honored at the 10th Annual GCCOC Awards Banquet held recently. Fisher says she was surprised and flattered by the award.

Veronica McLean,  Mrs. Fisher’s student, said that her CTE teacher has been a safe haven for her the past four years, and she couldn’t imagine high school without her.  “Since the beginning of my high school career she’s always been someone I know I can depend on and will support me no matter what,” says McLean. “She’s the happiest and most lively person I know, even on my worst days she can make me laugh, and she is always there for me when I need guidance.”