Wet Weather May Affect Johnston County Wheat Crop

Most crops in fields throughout the region have been spared damage from heavy rains but agriculture officials in Johnston County say wheat farmers there may see some affects as they prepare for the growing season.

Johnston County Agriculture Extension Agent Tim Britton said the rains have prevented farmers from preparing their wheat fields for the spring growing season.

“They haven’t been able to apply nitrogen as much as they have needed to and that will affect the crop,” he said.  The rains have also delayed farmers’ ability to plant the wheat.  “It is delaying the field operations for wheat farmers,” Mr. Britton said.

Mr. Britton said some fields in his county are heavily flooded with deep areas of mud.  He said he hopes the situation will improve.

“If we get a period of dry weather hopefully the farmers can get out and catch up,” Mr. Britton said. 

He said farmers of other crops avoided most damage. “Tobacco and other crops have been planted in greenhouses so they should be OK,’ Mr. Britton said.  “We have not had a lot of damage in other areas but we still have a lot of wet areas around.” Courtesy The Daily Record