Whitley Road Shooting Under Investigation

Photo by John Payne

MIDDLESEX – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting in the 1800 block of Whitley Road, Middlesex, in northeastern Johnston County.

On Saturday, Feb. 11th around 4:20pm, deputies responded to a 911 call reporting the incident. The 33 year-old victim said he heard a knock on the door. When he answered the door, he encountered a male holding a gun. The victim and suspect began struggling over the weapon and both fell off the front porch.

The resident told deputies he was able to gain possession of the handgun and return to his porch. He claimed the suspect began walking towards him and he fired a warning shot. The suspect still continued toward him at which time he pulled the trigger and shot him once in the leg. The resident then dropped the firearm on the ground.

The resident claimed a silver passenger car drove up to the home, retrieved the firearm from the ground, and fled with the weapon.

The 47 year-old shooting victim was still on the scene when deputies arrived. He was transported by EMS to the hospital for treatment.

Investigators are still working to learn more about the incident, including why the victim was at the address. At last report no charges had been filed.