Wilson’s Mills Town Administrator Accepts New Job

Former Wilson’s Mills Town Administrator Alicia Gregory has been hired as the new Town Clerk in Lillington.

The Town of Lillington has announced a new clerk started working for the town this week.

Tuesday was the first day on the job for Alicia Gregory at the Lillington Town Hall. Ms. Gregory will fulfill the role of management analyst and town clerk for the town.

She will serve in the administration department and will be under the direct supervision of Town Manager Joseph Jeffries. In addition to her clerk duties she will also assist in the annual budget research and preparation, managing fixed assets, annual audit preparation and human resource administration.

“That was one of the ways we attracted her was providing her with opportunities to grow professionally,” Mr. Jeffries said. “She will be doing more than just being a clerk to the board.”

Ms. Gregory is from Garner. Most recently, she worked for the Town of Wilson Mills. She served as the Wilson’s Mills town administrator there since October of 2016.

She is a previous employee of the Town of Lillington, working briefly as an assistant to former Town Manager Bill Summers, according to Mr. Jeffries.

“She had overwhelming experience and education, so she stood out,” Mr. Jeffries said. “She brings a lot of things to the job that will help the Town of Lillington.”

Gregory is a 2014 graduate of Campbell University. She also holds a masters of public administration degree from North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Courtesy The Daily Record