Woman Assaulted, Robbed While Walking Home

Authorities are investigating a robbery and assault near Four Oaks. It happened around 8:00pm Friday in the 1700 block of Highway 96 South near Keen Road outside of Four Oaks.

Investigators are looking for two men operating a white truck that are wanted for questioning.  Sheriff’s deputies said a 42 year-old woman was walking to her home from a convenience store in Four Oaks when the suspects stopped their vehicle beside her and asked if she needed a ride. The woman told them no and continued walking. However, the suspects continued to follow the victim. One of the men got out of the truck and struck her from behind, briefly rendering the victim unconscious. When she awoke a minute or so later, she told officers her purse had been stolen.

The purse contained a small amount of cash, a cell phone, personal documents, and prescription pills.  

WTSB News has learned the incident happened Friday night but was not reported to deputies until Sunday night.  A detective has been assigned to the case.