Woman Claims She Was Kidnapped In Parking Lot

A Selma woman claims she was kidnapped from the parking lot of a business on South Equity Drive, forced into her own car and driven to Selma.

The alleged incident occurred around 1:45am Saturday outside the Twisted Owl.

The 21 year-old woman said she was leaving the business with an acquaintance when he allegedly assaulted her, forced her into her vehicle and drove away. She was driven to a location in the Selma city limits before being released.

Police Captain R. Sheppard said the victim had visual signs of injury.

Smithfield Police are working with the Selma Police Department. At last report, no arrests had been made.


  1. I’m sorry I was here Sunday when the police were here An to correct your story she was at the bar making out with that guy all night there is no proof as far as camera footage or anything of the sort that shows she was assaulted in our parking lot nor kindnapped. So your story is false an you shouldn’t be dragging a good bars name down! I was the one who looked through all the fottage from that night with the police so I know what happened An you can be sued for slander because this accusation is affecting our business. Thank you

    • Way to set the record straight!!! Why would she make that stuff up? For attention? Some people are nuts!

    • FYI They can’t get sued bc they started out with , “the alleged incident…” and , “the woman claimed…”. So the writer of this article did nothing illegal.

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