Woman Cut By Razor Placed Under Door Handle

Incident Happened Near Johnston County Courthouse In Smithfield

Law enforcement authorities issued a warning Thursday for motorists to check their car door handles after an elderly woman was cut by a razor placed under the door handle of her car.

The 83 year-old victim said she left her home Monday in the Benson city limits to travel to Smithfield. The victim parked her car near the Johnston County Courthouse to run a few errands. When she returned to her car and pulled on the door handle she was cut with a razor blade that had been taped to the handle.  The woman drove herself to Johnston Medical Center in Smithfield for treatment.

Officers responded to the hospital, Smithfield Police Chief Keith Powell told WTSB News and JoCoReport.  Officers examined the door handle and determined the razor had fallen off somewhere between the area of the courthouse and hospital parking lot.

Chief Powell said its uncertain if the razor blade was placed under the handle while in Smithfield or before the victim left her home in the Benson city limits.  There is no evidence to suggest the woman was intentionally targeted, rather she was a random victim.

Earlier this month, Siler City, NC Police said they were looking for two men suspected of hiding razor blades in the handles of several shopping carts at a WalMart.  One customer was cut.

In October 2018, a woman’s finger was cut by a razor placed under a car door handle at Tanger Outlet in Horry County, SC.  The victim said she went inside a store to shop and when she returned about 30 minutes later she was cut by the razor.  No arrests were ever made.

In May 2018, Archdale, NC Police warned drivers after a razor blade was found taped to a gas pump handle.