Woman Loses Money In Timeshare Scam

A Johnston County woman lost money in a timeshare scam.

The Four Oaks woman reportedly thought she was buying a timeshare. The company pointed her to a website with photos and more information.

The victim sent the company $681 but didn’t hear back from them.  Their online website had also disappeared and a phone number listed for the company no longer worked.

Timeshare resale scams are very common. One of the most common scams is imposters claiming to be with a legitimate timeshare resale company wanting to help you buy or sale a timeshare and charge “fees” for the transaction.

Other scams involve paying fees to obtain tax breaks or a buyer is interested in your timeshare at a high price but they claim they have to collect an up-front fee to complete the sale.

Almost always they need money wired to them immediately.

Legitimate fees are typically paid at closing or after contracts are signed. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s office is  investigating the incident.