Wrong Way Driver On US 70 Was Missing 85 Year-Old Man

Johnston County law enforcement officers helped reunite a missing elderly man with his family this morning (Tuesday).

Around 5:30am, State Trooper Joshua J. Kiser was on routine patrol on Highway 70 in Princeton and noticed a Ford truck traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes and quickly approaching his patrol car in the eastbound lane.

Trooper Kiser activated his blue lights and was able to quickly stop the speeding truck before it struck him or an innocent motorist.

The driver, 85 year-old Clifton ‘Ricky’ Jacobs of Fairmont, NC, had been reported missing this morning to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office and was the focus of a Silver Alert that had been issued about two hours earlier.

Trooper Kiser helped Mr. Jacobs while a Johnston County deputy assisted a 55 year-old passenger in the car who was hearing impaired and mentally handicapped.

The missing man and the passenger were transported to Fayetteville where they were reunited with family members.

Thanks to the dedication of Johnston County troopers and deputies the missing elderly man and passenger were located and safely reunited with their families.