1 Person Killed, Multiple People Shot, Stabbed

The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office is still trying to sort out a deadly altercation at a country club early Sunday morning.

Sampson County deputies responded to a 2:36am 911 phone call reporting multiple shots being fired at the Lakewood Country Club near Salemburg.   Captain Eric Pope said before officers arrived additional 911 calls were made reporting there were gunshot victims and a stabbing victim.

Deputies arrived on the scene to find several groups of people fighting. One deputy was cut in the arm. His injury required treatment at the Sampson Regional Medical Center.  Another deputy’s patrol cruiser was struck by people trying to leave the scene in vehicles, however that officer was not harmed.

Captain Pope said the Clubhouse was rented out for a private party. Sometime around 2:30am an altercation broke out resulting in 3 people being shot, one person being stabbed and two others beaten.

One of the victims, Anthony King of Roseboro underwent emergency surgery at Sampson Regional Medical Center before being transferred to Wake Medical Center. However, King died Sunday afternoon from his injuries.

Another victim, Star Royal of Roseboro, was severely beaten and was taken to Cape Fear Valley Hospital for treatment of serious head trauma.

Mary Denise Rich of Huntington, NY was treated for a stab wound and non-life threatening gunshot wound. Daniel Cleveland Cooper of Salemburg was treated for a gunshot wound.

Another assault and stabbing victim is currently being treated at Cape Fear Valley but their identities are being withheld.