$19.2 Million In New Single Family Housing Starts Approved In September

Construction of new single family homes in September continued at a rapid pace but new housing starts in Johnston County were not as strong as in previous months.

Last month, the Johnston County Inspections Department approved 111 permits for new single family homes. The permits had a combined value of $19,122,742.   That’s up from 90 homes with a combined value of $17,714,741 permitted in September 2017.

The largest building increase noted in September were townhomes.  34 new townhome permits were issued by the County compared to just 4 in Sept. 2017.

Manufactured housing numbers were up slightly from 16 single and doublewide permits a year earlier to 18 last month.

Seven new commercial building permits were approved in September for a combined value of $26.8 million.

The inspections department collected $241,231.81 in fees in September up from $179,910.99 in Sept. 2017.

Inspectors passed 3,941 inspections and failed 1,176.