$2.48 Million Bid Awarded To Add Security Vestibules At 39 Public Schools

Johnston County Public Schools Chief of Staff Dolores Gill discusses bids on new security vestibules during a recent Board of Education meeting. JoCoReport.com Photo

One month after Chief of Staff Dolores Gill presented a security update to the Johnston County School Board, a bid has been awarded to make security improves at 39 public school campuses across the county.

Johnston County Schools has 43 public school campuses but only four have security vestibules.  Vestibules are secure points of access to a school buildings controlled by office personnel.

Security vestibules, similar to this one, will be added at 39 Johnston County Public School campuses during the 2019-2020 school year.

A $2,273,200 bid was awarded to Muter Construction LLC of Zebulon to install security vestibules at the 39 public schools that currently don’t have them.  A separate bid of $210,270 was awarded to North Carolina Sound of Pikeville for the electronic hardware and security control systems in the vestibules.  Combined, the bids total $2,483,470.

Johnston County Schools bid the project twice. Muter was the only company to bid each time. Their original bid of $2,968,000 was higher than expected and after several changes were made to the contract, the bid was negotiated down to $2,273,200.  A change in the type of armored glass resulted in a combined savings of $332,000 alone.

Work on the 39 vestibules will take place throughout the 2019-2020 school year.