Two Charged After 4 Pounds Of Marijuana Located

Sampson County Sheriff’s Office Photo

CLINTON – On April 20, 2023, deputies with the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Team conducted a traffic stop on Salemburg Highway near Bonnetsville Road for a motor vehicle violation. During the traffic stop, deputies reportedly detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and conducted a probable cause search. During the search, four pounds
of marijuana with an estimated value of $4,000 were located.

As a result of the traffic stop the following suspects were taken into custody and charged:

Homer Faison, age 45, of E. Butler Ave., Clinton, was charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana, and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. A bond was set at $4,000.

Herbert Farrior, age 49, of Wake Forrest Road, Raleigh was charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana, maintaining a vehicle for the storage of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. A bond was set at $8,000.

“As law enforcement officers, it is our duty to maintain public safety. As Sheriff, I have always promised to be tough on drugs. This seizure of 4 pounds of marijuana and previous drug arrests shows I am committed to keeping my promise,” said Sheriff Jimmy Thornton.


  1. Bail was a slap on the wrist!!! Bond should have been a minimum of 100k! When they are hit where it hurts they’ll begin to think about what they’re doing!

  2. It’s just weed. It should be legal and used as the replacement for tobacco crops in NC. The tax revenue would be tremendous.

  3. It sad that “weed” is so BAD but is legal is a lot of states now. Yea not to be sold illegally but either way there is stuff way worse out there that need to be got off the streets, children missing, women get abused, illegal immigrants, sex trafficking etc the list goes on. I would way rather see a post about police finding fentanyl, heron, crack something or someone that actually causes HARM to our communities. I hate the fact that this is what some of my tax dollars go to.

  4. Marijuana, hash, editables, pain pills, a bump of coke, a line of meth, crack, heroin, fentanyl, and now animal tranqulizers. It all starts somewhere and leads the user chasing a better high. Most addicts will admit they started out trying marijuana and progressed to stronger drugs. I don’t have the solution to the problem. I do think we should not make it easier for young people to obtain marijuana. If a young person lives in a house where older adults use marijuana, they will find a way to try it. It’s kind of like keeping the liquor cabinet locked. Kids find a way to open it.

  5. This is truly rigid against the black community. We have the government making money off of it but black people are still being terrorized and arrested for it. I thought that this was the Indians land .4/20 is a national weed holiday I thought

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