2023 MLK Parade Cancelled

SMITHFIELD – The 2023 Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, an annual event in Downtown Smithfield, will not be held this year.  The Johnston County Branch of the NAACP announced that due to the current pandemic environment the annual parade has been cancelled. Officials cited the increased number of COVID, flu, and RSV cases. 

The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday is scheduled for Monday, January 16. Town of Smithfield buildings and services will be closed that day, with the exception of emergency services.   

Town Manager Mike Scott said the Town of Smithfield had nothing to do with cancelling the parade except helping to get the word out.

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  1. This town government is nothing but a joke. They are basically saying that you could possibly catch the flu so we are going to cancel the parade. We are being played by our own town government. They can spend money to build a walking trail but they can’t spend the money for a small parade?

    • A walking trail? If you are referring to the walking trial in Smithfield, The town of Smithfield didn’t fund that walking trail. The NCDOT alone with other grants payed for that trail. The town of Smithfield DID NOT payed or build that trail. The town suppose to keep it up, witch they do NOT. The town employees may blow the leaves off at Ham and Yam time. But that’s it. The town did NOT build this walking trail or do they keep it up.

  2. Once governments started using Covid as a reason to cancel anything, they will use that for everything. And the sheeple will believe them.

  3. I promise you. If you show up at the meetings things will change. They are giving all the power in the world when they don’t hear from you

  4. So you just had a Christmas Parade with no thought of Covid, fly, orRSV but the MLK parade will cause the Covid numbers to go up? Y’all are playing the same games of the 60s. Shame on you!

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