3-To-1 Vote: Smithfield Street Resurfacing Bid Approved

The Town of Smithfield will spent $240,626.80 to resurface 0.88 mile of city streets this summer.  In a 3-1 vote, the town council awarded the low bid for the project to Garris Grading & Paving. 

The town council approved a list of streets that will be resurfaced with Powell Bill funds. The streets include:

  • Daughtry Street (100 block)
  • Moon Beam cul-de-sac
  • Rodgers Way cul-de-sac
  • W. Wellons (500-599 block)
  • W. Wellons (600-700 block)
  • W. Wellons (800 block)
  • Magnolia Drive cul-de-sac
  • N. Fifth Street (100-199 block)
  • White Oak (54-56 block)
  • Cherry Street (1000-1009 block)
  • Eden Drive (2-5 block)
  • Northern Avenue (900 block)
  • Caswell (6-13 block)

The streets were identified based on an outside study of roadways that were in the greatest need of resurfacing. 

Councilman Marlon Lee said he was “tired of outside studies” and if the town staff would drive through East Smithfield and the Pine Acres area would see neglected roadways. Lee said he was tired of seeing streets in East Smithfield patched only for the patches to fail. 

Councilman David Barbour expressed concern over streets being patched after utility work is performed. Barbour said often times the patches aren’t done like they’re suppose to be.

Councilman Travis Scott asked Town Manager Mike Scott to make sure quality control is in place with resurfacing. In 2019, the town had issues with a paving contractor and a section of North Street failed to meet minimum standards and had to be resurfaced.    

Fourteen bid packets were sent out to area contractors. Bids were received from six firms ranging from $240,626.80 to $441,855.06. Garris Grading was the low bidder.

Councilman Lee voted against the bid award.  Councilman Travis Scott, David Barbour and Steve Rabil voted in favor.  Three other council members were absent from the June meeting.