64 Acres On US 70 West Rezoned

SMITHFIELD – The Town of Smithfield has rezoned five properties along W. Market Street (US 70 West) after being petitioned by the land owner.

Chris and Kim Johnson of Smithfield requested five parcels totaling 64 acres be rezoned from Highway Entranceway Business (B-3) and Residential-Agriculture (R-20A) to Light Industrial (LI) zoning. The parcels are located near the Johnston County Airport and just north of the Amazon site.

Mr. Johnson, who is also the Director of Economic Development for Johnston County, said there is no active project for his family’s property but by having it rezoned it would be easier to market to developers looking at the site in the future.

In a motion by Councilman Travis Scott, the rezoning request was unanimously approved.


  1. Not sure what the problem is. As a land owner in the county, he has the right to request rezoning. The area around the airport will all be industrial before long. JoCo is due for big business growth and proactive property owners will reap the benefits. Increased commercial development will bring significant tax revenue to the county without the burden that residential development brings.

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