68 Illegal Gambling Machines Seized During Search Warrant

HARNETT COUNTY – On Thursday, the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on the 210 Biz Center, located at 35 Anderson Creek School Road in Bunnlevel. The Sheriff’s Office seized $16,985 in cash and 68 gaming machines.

Four employees were arrested and charged with felony offenses of operating five or more gaming machines. Myong Ok-yim McGee, 68, of Spring Lake; Stephanie Diane McLean, 63, of Fayetteville: Myron Jacobs 62, of Wade; and Stephanie Byrd Duncan, 47, of Linden were arrested.

“These gaming centers are well aware that their operations are illegal. I have sent deputies to tell them in person that they are illegal. They have been warned that we would be enforcing these laws after the court ruling and we made good on our promise. My advice to other gaming operations in Harnett County is to close shop immediately or we will close it for you,” said Sheriff Wayne Coats.

Authorities said this is an ongoing investigation and more arrests are likely.


  1. Gambling on a outcome of an uncertainty is gambling. No difference if it’s a machine one plays or a ticket one buys. NC doesn’t want you to spend your money on a machine, but NC loves it when you buy a lottery ticket. The state’s education system gets lottery money they tell us. Well the education system should be well off if that’s the case. Two things NC counts on is the lottery and the sale of liquor (ABC).
    Hands off to everyone else.

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