$750,000 Community Development Block Grant Awarded

Skip Green of Skip Green Associates discusses the Community Development Block Grant before the Smithfield Town Council on July 6, 2021.

The Town of Smithfield has been awarded a $750,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).  In 2018, the Town applied unsuccessfully for the grant for housing rehabilitation in low to moderate income areas, primarily in Belmont and East Smithfield. 

In 2019, the Town reapplied for the grant. Due to delays caused by COVID, the grant was only recently awarded to the Town.

Skip Green of Skip Green Associates gave an update July 6th to the Town Council on the rehabilitation process.  Twenty-two houses owned by low income owner-occupants were selected for repairs and renovations.  To qualify, the homes must not meet current building codes.

Of the 22 homes initially selected in 2019, two of the occupants have died, two declined to fill out applications, and six others decided not to participate.  The remaining 12 homeowners did apply for assistance to cover costs for plumbing, electrical, structural, roofing, flooring or HVAC repairs.  

Five of the 12 homes were put out to bid with area contractors.  Four contractors submitted bids, however, Mr. Green said two were disqualified because of their references.  The five homes are currently in the process of being rebid.

Mr. Green said any funds left over from the repairs can be used to renovate other substandard houses.  Due to the rising costs of construction material and labor, repair costs are up substantially this year.

The CDBG is ideal for low income homeowners needed upgrades.  For example, if a homeowner agrees to a five year loan for the cost of repairs, 20% of the loan is forgiven each year. After 5 years the homeowner is debt free.      

The Town of Smithfield is working closely with Johnston, Lee, Harnett Community Action throughout the process.


  1. Here’s an idea — live within your means and only buy a house that you can afford to maintain! These “grants” are simply moving us one step closer to SOCIALISM — why do things yourself when you can simply sit back and let the government fix your AC!?!?!? The SNOWFLAKE generation expects handouts!

    • What are your thoughts on a federal minimum wage?

      I mean, these jokers can’t even get a hamburger no cheese correct.

      If they’re too stupid to NOT figure out how to NOT be paid more than $7/hr for a job then they deserve that low wage. Right? 🍿

      • Federally-mandated wages are a mere stone’s throw away from price controls and nationalized industries (aka SOCIALISM). Let the FREE market decide on prices and wages.

  2. What a way to let us know how you really feel! These applicants are elderly and have owned their homes for years and the town wants to help them make the necessary updates and repairs that are needed. These grants are available for a reason and if someone qualifies then that should just be it. There will be some that abuse it, but I work closely with this community and the ones that are able to take advantage of this program really need it. There will always be a level of politics to it, so let us look at the town officials and if they are withholding up to their responsibilities instead of always blaming the general public. You better believe that they have a general interest in seeing this through as well.

    • “Grants” are simply a way for the SOCIALISTS to redistribute wealth. If you believe it is the government’s job to do that, go move to SOCIALST Europe!

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