8 Day-Old Baby Dies After Being Attacked By Dog

KENLY – An 8 day-old baby died Wednesday after being attacked by a dog. Law enforcement authorities are still investigating the tragic death.

Around 5:00am, Kenly Police and first responders were dispatched to a home in the 200 block of N. Church Street. Authorities discovered where the male infant had been reportedly attacked inside the home by a female pit bull dog.

Kenly Police requested the assistance of the NC State Bureau of Investigation and Johnston County Medical Examiner’s Office with the investigation.

This afternoon, Police Chief Josh Gibson said the death is being treated as accidental. “First and foremost, we offer our sincere condolences to the family and their friends during this difficult time,” Chief Gibson said in a prepared statement.

The pit bull was seized at the scene by Johnston County Animal Control. Officials said the animal was surrendered to them and after a 72 hour hold it will be euthanized.

Johnston County Report has learned that counseling will be offered to fire department first responders, EMS workers, 911 dispatchers and law enforcement who were involved with the incident.


  1. In the US a pit bull kills a person an average of once every twelve days. They are weapons that can pull their own trigger.

  2. To start with, No dog should be around any child. Not even a Chiwawa. Remember all dogs have teeth and they can turn at any moment. Protect your babies and children. keep your dogs at a distance !

  3. Mistakes happen and people are too quick to judge a situation that, by the grace of God, you’ve clearly never been in. Nobody knows the situation & the story can be turned any way the news outlets and social media wants it to be. Dogs are unpredictable no matter how well trained & I guarantee the family’s last thought was that this would happen. Y’all are insensitive, & God don’t like ugly!

    • You are right Krista…however journalists are not inclined to report the growing problem of mortality & morbidity from dog attacks lest they be seen as not “loving dogs” . As of today, 34 American children have died in the Jaws of dogs since 2020 and yes most but not all were Pit Bulls. The medical literature since 2011 in at least 15 studies has raised the alarm as to dangerous breeds and the horrific damage that can result. Be very careful in your choice of the family pet. Bonny Thomas Lee RN

  4. Poor family & dog. However, it’s an owner issue, not a dog issue. Why would you leave a baby alone with any animal with teeth? Pitbulls aren’t the issue.

  5. Parents are responsible also. I am so sorry for the death of the baby BUT BE a responsible parent of a child and pet!! All animals have teeth and behaviors when their environment changes. Parents should know this.

  6. I hope that the parents never read these comments. I’m sure they are devastated and have all the guilt and sorrow that they can bare. They will be in my prayers.

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