“Thank-A-Vet” Program Celebrates Five Years Of Serving Veterans

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Since launching five years ago, more than 1,700 veterans have stopped by the Johnston County Register of Deeds Office to obtain their “Thank A Vet” photo ID cards.

Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive developed the program in November 2016 as a way to honor veterans by offering them an alternative to carrying their DD-214 discharge paperwork in their pockets. This card, when presented, entitles them to discounts or incentives from over 120 participating county businesses. This is an effort to show these veterans that we appreciate their service to our country.

“I am committed to this program and I welcome all veterans to our office to take advantage of this free discount program,” Mr. Olive said. “We also would like to thank all of the participating businesses. This program would not be possible without them.”

One of the responsibilities of the Register of Deeds office is to record veterans’ certificates of discharge (DD-214) in Johnston County. The “Thank A Vet” program serves as an incentive for veterans to record their DD-214. Recording the DD-214 ensures safe keeping of this important document and will not become a public record. Many veterans are not eligible for a VA card or any other type of military ID; therefore, are not able to take advantage of the military discounts. This card allows these veterans security in knowing their personal documents are safe without risk of identity theft or damage to their DD-214.

For Veteran’s Day 2021, Mr. Olive and the Register of Deeds staff send their gratitude and thankfulness to all veterans, both past and present. “We are so grateful for their service to our country and our “Thank A Vet” program is just a small way to show this appreciation to those men and women who have fought for our country to preserve all the freedoms we enjoy,” stated Mr. Olive.

Mr. Olive encourages all veterans to stop by to record their DD-214 and obtain their “Thank A Vet” card. In addition, the office also encourages county businesses to contact the office to sign up to be a participating business. The Register of Deeds office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 5:00. For questions regarding the “Thank A Vet” program, call Amy Zieverink at 919-989-5161.

“It is an honor to provide this program to our well-deserving veterans who stood up and fought for our freedom. It has been a great success so far and I will continue this service as long as I am in office. And, God bless our veterans!”