90 Year-Old Man Victim Of Second Crime

An elderly Four Oaks man who was knocked unconscious and robbed at his rural home on November 28th is now the victim of a burglary.

It happened at his home on Strickland’s Crossroads Road near Adams Road.  Last week, while the elderly man was away from his home, a person broke into his home and stole his TV set valued at $300. Sheriff’s Detective Lt. Mike Carson said the victim returned home a short time after the break-in occurred.

It was in November, the same man said he answered a knocked on his door to find a person inquiring about a car parked in his backyard wanting to know if it was for sale.

The car was not for sale but the victim obliged and showed the car to the suspect. After opening the car door the elderly man said he was struck in the face and fell to the ground losing consciousness.

When he awoke several minutes later, the suspect had stolen a large amount of cash from the victim along with his cell phone.

The suspect is still at large.

Lt. Carson said the robbery and break-in do not appear to be connected.