A Look Back To 1930 In Four Oaks

It’s 1930.  Mickey Mouse debuts in a comic strip, the Boston Bruins win their 14th consecutive hockey game, Babe Ruth signs with the New York Yankees, Happy Days Are Here Again by Benny Mereoff charts at # 1.

The Lone Ranger radio program first airs on WXYZ in Detroit, the first red and green traffic light is installed in New York City, the planet Pluto is named and  Betty Boop premieres.

Eastern Airlines begins passenger service, the average cost of a new home is $7,145 and the average income is $1,970. Gas is 10 cents a gallon, single vision glasses are $3.85, a one pound steak costs 20 cents, a new Emerson 5 tube radio is $9.95, a modern 10 piece bedroom suite is $79.85, a new Firestone tire costs $3.69 and these are members of the Four Oaks Fire Department posing with their first truck – a 1930 Chevrolet.

Originally contributed by Carter Rabil in 2009