ABC Commission Distributes $550,000

The Johnston County Board of Alcohol Control has declared $550,000 surplus and distributed the funds in April to the County of Johnston and incorporated towns in accordance with state law.

The County of Johnston received 75 percent of the proceeds, or $412,500, and the incorporated towns 25 percent, or $137,500.  The towns shared the proceeds based on their population.

Those towns include:

Archer Lodge               $11,930.18
Benson                         $9,203.36
Clayton                          $44,796.52
Four Oaks                     $5,339.67
Kenly                             $3,268.85
Micro                             $1,225.82
Pine Level                     $4,725.37
Princeton                      $3,318.88
Selma                           $16,880.70
Smithfield                      $30,481.43
Wilson’s Mills               $6,329.22