Archer Lodge Receives Refund For Disappointing Fireworks Display

Fireworks-FIBy Laura Crosio

The town of Archer Lodge’s annual Family Fun Day is a celebration drawing thousands of attendees each year. Sponsored by the town’s community center, the event closes out with a fireworks display to celebrate Independence Day.

But this year, that presentation was more of a disappointment to those in attendance. According to town officials, the fireworks did not live up to their usual standards.

“This year’s show lasted a little over 7 minutes as opposed to around 20 and was not done in a manner that made it a good show,” said Dene Castleberry, an organizer of the event.

He immediately called the fireworks company, S & W Productions in Wake Forest, and days later received a letter from the owner offering a full refund.

“I was very pleased that she owned up to their responsibilities,” Castleberry said. “We can, hopefully, have a better fireworks display in the future.”

He said the refund amount will be around $7,000.  Funds for the Archer Lodge Community Center Family Fun Day come from donations made by companies and individuals and fund raising events held during the year.

“The company is making amends and making it right,” said Mayor Mike Gordon. “We’ve worked with them 20 years and I hope they have a chance to redeem themselves next year.”