Attempted Robbery Reported At Downtown ATM

MICRO – A 33 year-old woman escaped injury during an attempted armed robbery at an ATM on W. Main Street in downtown Micro.

The victim pulled up to the ATM around 10:45pm Tuesday. An unknown male immediately approached her car and pointed a pistol towards her head. The suspect then shouted, “Give me all your money.”

The victim grabbed the gun, startling the suspect who fled on foot.

The suspect was described as a black male, approximately 5 foot 9, wearing dark clothing.

Johnston County deputies searched the area with a K-9 but could not located the suspect.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office at 919-989-5000.


  1. What a brave woman to fight back. I bet the robber doesn’t brag about that attempt. God’s hand was truly in that scuffle.

  2. Too bad she didn’t have a gun and knew hope to use it. They wouldn’t have to search and we would be down one criminal.

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