Bail Bondsman Shoots Occupant In Fleeing Car

Smithfield Police are investigating a shooting involving a bail bonds agent.

It happened around 9:00pm Saturday in the parking lot of Becky’s Log Cabin at 2491 Highway 70 East.

Police said several bail bonds agents had approached a car near the hotel in an attempt to locate an individual to revoke their bail.  When agents approached the car, the vehicle struck one of the agents. As the vehicle fled, agents fired several shots at the fleeing car.

Police later found the car.  One person in the vehicle sustained two gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital.

Police did not release the name of the bail bonds agents or the victim, including the seriousness of the injuries to the agent struck by the car and the person who was shot.

Captain R. Sheppard said in a news release the case remains open pending further investigation.   Photos by John Payne