Battlefields Receive Grant

The Battle of Bentonville, one of the final clashes of the American Civil War, was the largest battle ever fought on North Carolina soil. N.C. officials estimate that visitation to the Bentonville Battlefield generates nearly $7 million annually for the regional economy.  Now, the historic site is one of six sites receiving additional funding from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund.

Gov. Pat McCrory recognizes both the importance of the battlefield’s history, as well as all of the other historic sites that are maintained across the state.

“Each and every one of North Carolina’s historic sites plays an important role in telling our state’s history,” said Gov. McCrory.  “It is important that we continue to do all we can to preserve them for generations to come.”

In late November, the state increased its financial support for Bentonville through the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, as well as five other cultural resource sites around North Carolina during the annual meeting of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund meeting.

“We are grateful for the support of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund of our historic sites,” said Secretary Susan Kluttz of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. “These sites tell the history of our state and welcome visitors from around the world.”

Altogether, six sites received $1,295,085 in funds. Those monies will be matched with contributions from other agencies or nonprofits, and will serve to protect several historic sites across the state including the Bentonville Battlefield and Averasboro Battlefield.

“The Trust Fund is committed to preserving sites with significance to our state’s cultural heritage through grants totaling about $1.3 million,” said Bryan Gossage, the fund’s executive director. “From the Revolutionary War to frontier times to the Civil War and more, the investment in these sites will ensure that pieces of living history are available for future generations to visit and learn about.”