Benson Selects Geneva W. Covington As 2023 Black History Honoree

Geneva Warren Covington

The Town of Benson and the Benson Museum of Local History are excited to announce this year’s Black History Month honoree is Geneva Warren Covington — a local volunteer, community organizer, and pillar of the Benson community. 

Mrs. Covington received multiple nominations this year and reading over the submissions it’s easy to see why her name ascended to the top of the list. She has been helping people in her community for more than 70 years. 

She’s a fabulous cook and baker, a “grandma” to several in the community as she would often watch other’s children for them when needed, a dedicated church member, and someone that is always reaching out to her fellow residents. 

“She is very active in the Black community. She is like a momma to many in our community. She has been around and knows a lot about the older generation,” reads one of the nominations. “She may not know this younger generation, but if you tell her who your grandparents are she will know them. She deserves this honor because she is always helping others.” 

Mrs. Covington’s talent in the kitchen was noted in each nomination. If you know her, you certainly know how delicious her famous desserts are and how much love they are made with. 

“Our community is blessed to have a sweet lady like her still with us,” reads another nomination. “This lady is a great baker — she gives her love to the community by cooking her special desserts. She has a kind heart and will help out anyone.”

She’s a longtime member of St. James Disciples Church in Benson and goes above and beyond in her role as a community organizer. 

She’s known to help organize family reunions — also helping to provide food for these events, of course — and she’s “always there” when a loved one passes, explains one nomination. “She blesses them with a sweet treat.”  

More than her baking prowess, her altruism extends beyond the Benson community as well.  

“It doesn’t matter where you are located, if she knows you are in need she will help you as much as she can,” states one nomination. 

“She has always been a very considerate and consistent supporter of her family and friends,” explained Dr. Algeania Marie Warren Freeman upon learning of Mrs. Covington’s selection.  

“During my life, I have had the privilege to travel around the world meeting many leaders and Geneva is in the category of great leaders who I have met,” she added.  

For these reasons and many more, Mrs. Geneva Covington is this year’s Black History Month Celebration Honoree.  

“We are very excited to share Mrs. Geneva’s story with everyone this year,” said Benson Cultural Arts Director Derrick Barefoot. “We have already heard so many great things about her and her impact in Benson’s Black community. We can’t wait for this year’s celebration!”  

The Benson Museum of Local History’s 12th Annual Black History Month Celebration honoring Mrs. Geneva W. Covington will be held on February 26, 2023 at 3pm at the American Legion in Benson (605 N. Wall Street, Benson, NC 27504). The event is free and open to the public.