Four Injured In Johnston County Crash

Photo by John Payne

Two vehicles collided nearly head-on about 7:00pm Saturday on NC Highway 96 North. The crash occurred in the 13000 block of NC 96 North, not far from the Wake County line.

Witnesses at the scene stated a southbound white van had passed them “at high-speed” just before it collided with a northbound silver SUV. “He passed 3 or 4 cars on a double-yellow line,” the witness said.

Photo by John Payne

The van was reportedly passing while driving up a hill in the no-passing zone when the collision occurred.

The SUV was spun around and thrown off of the roadway after the impact. The heavily damaged van continued down the road for about 200 feet before stopping.

Photo by John Payne

Both drivers were pinned in their vehicles. They were extricated by Corinth Holders Fire personnel.

A total of four people were taken to Wake Med by Johnston County EMS.

Photo by John Payne

The Zebulon Fire Department responded to the scene to assist.


  1. Someone with no regard for their own life, was in a hurry. That same person had no regard for the lives or safety of others. Now someone is injured, maybe for life. IDOITS like this should get life in prison.

  2. I will never understand why people drive like this. Not only are they putting other innocent people in danger but they are taking a big chance themselves. I have seen three peoplke in the last few years drive like this, passing around curves and over hills. Crazy.

  3. This is so sad. Another person in to big of a hurry to get somewhere that they feel they can disregard the safety of others. Apparently they think nothing will happen to them or they would have better judgement.

  4. Prison time for these psychotic fools who have no place behind the wheel of any vehicle. Sick and tired of nihilistic subhumans putting other people’s lives in danger on the roads.

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