Bids Awarded For Street Resurfacing

The Town of Selma will tap into reserve funds to pay for resurfacing projects for nine city-owned streets.

The Town originally solicited bids in August to resurface the streets but only one bid was received and that came from S.T. Wooten Corporation.

The town rebid the project and opened bids September 6th. S.T. Wooten was the only company to bid the second time.

Alex Fuller, Public Services Director for the Town of Selma, said many of the other companies said they were too busy with other projects to respond.

S.T. Wooten’s bid of $308,751.60 includes resurfacing sections of Waddell Street, Griswold Street, Dixie Drive, Southern Street, Ethel Street, Brevard Street, Sumner Street, Waddell Street, and Martin Luther King Drive.

The Town had set aside $200,000 for the work. The council voted Sept. 12th to dip into Powell Bill reserve funds to pay for the difference.

Fuller said he hopes the resurfacing work can be completed before the Winter.