Board Of Education Votes To Approve Residency District Map

JOHNSTON COUNTY – During the November 15, 2023 Special Session meeting the Johnston County Board of Education voted to approve one residency district map. The new residency district map will provide representation from all areas of Johnston County. 

Residency districts mean that each Board member must reside in his or her district, but all voters in the county are able to vote for all 7 seats on the Board. These are distinct from electoral districts, in which only voters in that district can vote for that member’s seat. It is also distinct from an at-large voting system, in which candidates can reside anywhere in the county, and all voters elect representatives from all at-large seats.

Johnston County Public Schools (JCPS) Chair Lyn Andrews understands the importance of having representation from all areas of the county. “We (the Board) are looking forward to the opportunity to have all areas within our county represented on our Board of Education,” said Andrews. 

The newly approved residency district map will be used during the 2024 election, providing board representation from all areas of Johnston County.

Per law, each residency district is established by resolution and contains a population that is within 5% of the ideal population, which is one-seventh of the total population of the county, based on population totals collected during the most recent Census. The newly established district will be used during the upcoming 2024 election, and will be deemed the seven-member residency district for the Johnston County Board of Education, until the 2030 federal decennial census. 

Since hearing of the General Assembly’s legislative requirements to develop the districts on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, the Board has worked diligently to draw and propose various maps that meet population requirements. During the November 7, 2023, regular scheduled meeting, the Board voted to have three (3) proposed maps presented to the public for review. The public was also provided the opportunity to submit comments regarding the three maps. 

“The district strives to ensure that all persons in Johnston County have access to information and the opportunity to provide input in matters such as these,” stated Chair Andrews. “In these cases, our ultimate goal is to ensure our citizens are informed.” 

The newly approved residency district map and more information on the residency district map process can be viewed on the Johnston County Public Schools website at

-JCPS News Release


    • That’s by design! They don’t want you to actually know. They made the maps to secure the seats of those who are already on the board not put anyone in a contest for their current seat. They all need to be voted out!

  1. Remember when they petitioned the state to delay the election so they could “ study the districting maps”…..all of a sudden ( about 1 month later) they come up with maps AND accept it! Hahahahaha what a corrupt board.

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