Bullet-Riddled Car Abandoned In Street

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SMITHFIELD – Police are investigating after a bullet-riddled car was found abandoned in the street. Around 4:15pm Sunday, Smithfield Police were dispatched to a report of shots being fired near the dead end of West Street.

Officers arrived and located an abandoned silver Chevrolet rental car in the roadway riddled with bullets. The shots shattered the right side passenger window, rear glass window and flattened a passenger side tire.

Unconfirmed reports indicate at least two people were seen running away from the area.

Police said a nearby residence on East Street was also hit by a stray bullet.

Detectives located numerous shell casings at the scene.

Johnston County Report Photo

There was no evidence anyone was struck by the gunfire and no one showed up at any local emergency department with a gunshot wound.

Anyone with information that could help investigators is asked to contact the Smithfield Police Department at 919-934-2121.


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