Bus Driver Gets Heroism Award

HARNETT COUNTY – N.C. Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, left, awards teacher assistant Monica Tyson-Crawford, center, with a Heroism Award at a Benhaven Elementary ceremony Friday, Feb. 2. School principal Dr. Lora Street stands with them.

Contributed Photo

Tyson-Crawford was recognized for saving the lives of 38 children on the bus she was driving when she smelled smoke. She stopped the bus, reported the problem and got all of the children off of the school bus before it went up in flames on Nov. 14. The children boarded another bus to make it safely to school that day.


  1. Congratulations Monica Tyson-Crawford. Job well done. It’s a shame the award was not presented by someone other than Mr. I have insurance companies in my pocket Commissioner Mike Causey.

    • My God, man. Way to steal her shine by sharing your unwarranted opinion of Mike Causey.

      Congratulations, lady!! You are a true hero!

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