Car Slams Into Rear Of Box Truck

WILSON’S MILLS – Police said a car traveling at 60 miles per hour slammed into the rear of a box truck stopped at a traffic light this morning.  The collision was reported around 9:00am at the intersection of Highway 70 and Swift Creek Road.

Wilson’s Mills Police Chief A.Z. Williams said the box truck had stopped for a red light in the eastbound lane of Highway 70.  A white Toyota Camry approaching the intersection did not slow down and slammed into the rear of the truck.  Miraculously, the driver of the car was able to get out of the vehicle on his own.  The driver was alert and did not appear to have any serious injuries.  There were no skid marks and the driver of the car did not remember anything about the accident.

The box truck driver was uninjured but the truck was heavily damaged.  The accident investigation is still ongoing.

Photos by John Payne