Chicken Parts Spill

Traffic was delayed for several hours Thursday morning after a truck full of chicken parts spilled its load at one of Dunn’s busiest intersections at around 8 a.m.

According to Dunn Police Patrolman Alex Godwin, a truck carrying chicken parts was filled with water as a result of heavy rains this week.

When the truck stopped at the intersection of Dunn-Erwin Road and West Cumberland Street, the load shifted and the water-filled-with-chicken parts spilled onto the roadway. The spill left a greasy slick of material that sat on the street for hours.

Mr. Godwin said because of the grease associated with the chicken parts, environmental officials were called to the scene before cleanup could begin. Material normally used to absorb oil and fuel spills was spread on the road to make the cleanup easier.

Emergency traffic going to Betsy Johnson Hospital was diverted for several hours as a result of the accident. Dunn-Erwin Road is the main road leading to the hospital.  Eastbound traffic on West Cumberland Street was being diverted onto Powell Avenue to avoid the accident scene. The road was restored to its normal traffic pattern within approximately four hours.

There were no charges filed as a result of the accident.

“We could have charged him, but there was really nothing he could have done to prevent that from happening,” Officer Godwin said.  The driver’s company will be responsible for paying for the cost of the cleanup.

A spokesperson for Dunn Emergency Services said the truck was coming from a facility in Sanford.  Dunn Town Council member Billy Barfield, a retired firefighter, said he has seen similar accidents happen in the past. “It used to happen at railroad crossings,” Mr. Barfield said. “They would go over the tracks and stuff would start spilling over.” Story and photo courtesy The Daily Record


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