Citizen Group Forms, First Demand Is School Board Accountability

Two Johnston County residents have formed a new advocacy group, Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government of NC. Dale Lands of Johnston County, a lifetime area resident, got the idea after witnessing the events of the last election. He saw a need to hold local politicians accountable for their service to the voters, and together with John Saluppo they put the word out.

Within a few weeks over 100 people have joined their cause. “This group is our avenue to better governance for all,” Mr. Lands said.

The two, along with their membership, are already making their concerns known to the Johnston County Board of Education. They’ve emailed the Board along with Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy asking for an immediate return to in-person public Board of Education meetings, with a time for residents to speak.

The group is also demanding accountability for the CARES Act money the Johnston County Schools received, which totaled $8 million dollars in 2020, and $29.2 million in the latest round this month. The recent school board budget overruns, and unaccounted fund loss of millions of dollars, gives the group serious concerns that Central Office will not provide clear, easily accessible records to the public on where the large funds of cash are spent.

Mr. Saluppo explained, “Schools need to use the CARES money to safely provide our children an education for careers they can be proud of and stop wasteful spending.”

Dale Lands, a grandfather, cannot believe the dramatic downturn of the local public school system. “The Board of Education is our first undertaking because everything starts with what we teach our children and young adults. All of our future leaders are in the education system in some capacity, and we can make a difference immediately by focusing on this portion of our local government.”

John Saluppo has a daughter in Johnston County schools and has seen firsthand the change in the district. “We are holding the school board accountable because they are not. They believe as parents we don’t have a say. They are wrong.”

Citizen Advocates also expressed their concerns over the new Critical Race Theory of anti-racism reportedly being driven into our schools by Crystal Roberts, Johnston County Schools Chief of Equity, Information, and Student Services. “This board is instituting through the equity office teaching of counter culture readings and they want to erase the great, and yes and at times tragic history, of this wonderful country. We want to show support for our teachers whose hands are tied and are afraid to speak out. They have a voice and support,” Mr. Saluppo said.

When asked what the future of Citizen Advocates group will look like Mr. Saluppo said, “The future is simple we will hold every candidate elected accountable to their promises otherwise they will not have our support for re-election.”

Mr. Lands sees the future potential for a much larger network, “Our future plans are to expand this group with chapters throughout NC and continue to focus on local politics, each chapter to help each other in instances of need. Neighbors helping neighbors, to keep the system working for the people and run by the people.”

For more information or to join Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government of NC visit their Facebook page or email Dale Lands at



  1. Johnston County Tax Payers and Parent’s here is our chance and please I ask everyone that loves this county to please join this group. I know I am a lot of mouth on here but our problems with this school board is only the tip of the iceberg and the way our so-called conservative commissioners have let this JOCO School Board run over them demonstrates their miserable failure of leader ship too. Supporting a advocacy like this with money can also help pay for lawsuits to obtain public not secret money’s that are being spent by this arrogant Johnston County Public School System that isn’t so public when it comes to their financial books. Those of you that can afford it I plead for you to join this group and never get so comfortable and think what you see happening in California want never happen here. When 2/3 of South America has relocated to the USA your county home taxes has got to pay for their education. The money is in the bank of JOCO School Board to give Mr. Brooks Moore his 17.38 percent pay raise and to build the 5 schools needed, if not the JOCO School Board just needs to open their public financial books and prove these funds don’t exist. It’s that simple!

    • Terrybarnes, My hat is off to you. Like I have told you in the past about not liking you, I have misjudged you. I see that you truly care and I can say that my respect for you keeps growing. I want to say I am sorry if I have ever offended you. NOW IT’S TIME TO SET THE SCHOOL BOARD STRAIGHT!

      • No offense ever taken, I just enjoy pouring these uneducated thoughts out of this magnificent imagination so to demonstrate the actual reality of our eroding society.

    • “When 2/3 of South America has relocated to the USA…”

      I’d love to see the source for this statistic. Seems like fear-mongering to me.

  2. Sent today 3/22/2021:

    I have given you over a month to call me or address me via this email and nothing. I also called and spoke with the law firm you stated (threatened me) you referred me to. They had no idea what I was talking about.

    Are you willing to speak with a parent of two students of the school system you were elected to represent? Are you also trying to threaten legal action against me in an effort to silence me when all I want is the best for my kids and the other kids you are supposed to represent? I have had my emails reviewed by a legal authority. I also have my children I have to answer to. Please respond to me as you are in an elected position and should do what you are elected to do or just bow out and let those who are willing to make JCPS better do it. Just a suggestion, I wouldn’t want you to threaten me with legal again that I am telling you what to do, because I am not. That is what the Policy is for. The Policy states what you are to do and not do. I find that my children are being failed and policy being ignored. Please try to change my mind and without trying to threaten me into silence because I will not be falsely accused of an unlawful act I have not committed.

    Awaiting your response.

    Parent of two children under JCPS rule without accountability

    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 10:03 AM **************************> wrote:
    I have no leverage and I am not trying to get leverage. As I see it (and I am open to being corrected) the school board has all the power and leverage on my kids and what is being taught in classes and by who. What is my bidding? I have two kids in this school system? Would bidding mean wanting better for my kids? I really do not see my threats (very genuine here). Please help my see it. I can have a good conversation with you as you are the only one willing to talk to me. THANK YOU! (excited, not yelling).

    My cell phone number: **************************. I promise to have a genuine conversation that promotes positivity and at no point personally attack or threaten or try to gain leverage.


    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 9:58 AM **************************> wrote:
    When you make threats to an elected official as a means of leverage to do your bidding, that can be considered extortion. I defer to our attorney to advise.

    I believe I told you last week that these concerns have been turned over to the superintendent and his staff. They are the only ones with legal authority to investigate… not board members.

    When you want to have a conversation without making threats, I will be happy to respond.

    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 9:41 AM **************************> wrote:

    Thank you for the comment on the twitter screenshot.

    In reference to the courtesy attorney referral comment. Are you trying to scare me into silence by referring the email to the board attorney? I made no threat of extortion or slander. Do you need clarification on my comments or on the policy I cited? I’ve left my number with you and other board members but never received a courtesy call back. Is that how business is done on the JCPS board? I do commend you for being the only person willing to write me back. It is unfortunate that none of the others have written back or called back a parent of two children in the school system. I think all this could have been avoided if someone would have done their job and talked to a parent (me). If this is how business is done, then fine. Just let all the parents know that their voices do not matter and that policy does not matter. Put it right on the front page of your website, “We don’t want your comments and we don’t care about them either and we won’t reply to emails and we won’t call you back” -(Satire)

    Again, citing a policy from your webpage or stating I can provide more policies being violated is no threat. I am sorry you see policies as threats or slander. I am just trying to provide you with the tools needed to make positive changes and do what is supposed to be done in accordance with the policies that I am pulling from the JCPS website. Please copy the attorney in with these emails so we can get clarification on my emails AND the policies being violated. If in the future anytime someone brings up a policy violation and offers to help with giving more examples, it is considered a threat, then good grief, why don’t we just go full on communist and silence all dissenting individuals.

    I just want the board to do their job as outlined by policy and to hear me at the next meeting. You have again ignored that request.

    I will have a good day and I wish you the same. I wish the best for my kids and that is why I struggle to let them be left behind.


    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 9:16 AM **************************> wrote:
    As a courtesy to you, I am informing you that I am forwarding this email to our Board Attorney with Tharrington Smith. I do not take threats of extortion or slander lightly. Have a good day.

    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:59 AM **************************> wrote:

    It looks like you were already aware of Mr. *********’s drawings and his work as a political activist. Here is a screenshot of your twitter. So, do you acknowledge that you had information that he was in violation of the following policy and you are willfully ignoring your duties to uphold the policies of the JCPS?

    Policy Code 5350: Dual Employment “The Johnston County Board of Education discourages non school employment of its professional and support staff during the regular school year.”

    I have other examples, but I am giving you the opportunity to keep this simple. I can go the full route if needed, citing each violation you and others and ********** have committed if you continue to fail to do your job and continue to fail the kids of Johnston County.

    (again, don’t forget, I have made many requests to be heard at the next board meeting. Please do not continue to ignore this) I am ready for instructions on how to make this happen.

    Motivated Parent of two kids failed by JCPS

    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:40 AM **************************> wrote:

    I request to be heard and my comments heard at the next board meeting. Please provide details on how to make this happen. Please stop ignoring this part of my emails.


    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:23 AM **************************> wrote:
    This is a personnel matter and we are not at liberty to discuss in a hearing. Public school law prevents your request. You are welcome to email your thoughts and comments.

    On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 8:19 AM **************************> wrote:
    Following up on this as it is Friday. Just so you know, I will not let this get a pass.

    I want to be heard by the JCPS board. I request a meeting. What is your policy on meeting requests and hearing parent concerns? Make sure you follow this policy to a T and review any past precedents as you will not want to slip up on this. I know parents have been heard in the past and I am no different.

    Parent of two JCPS kids being let down by the schools and the board.

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 3:35 PM **************************> wrote:
    Good Afternoon,

    I waited patiently to see what kind of comments or statement would be made after the racist and untolerable actions of ******** ********* took place in the news and national headlines. I still am waiting.

    I am not some “out of state” or “out of the area” complainant. I do have two children in JCPS and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior from any of their teachers and thank goodness they do not attend his classes or I would be down there in person pulling them from the room. I do not teach hate or misinformation to my kids and I expect some kind of discipline for Mr. ********. He has the awesome responsibility to help form the minds of children in his classroom. I do not think he is capable of doing so without spewing his liberal agenda. His editorial drawing gives me great concern that he may not be able to teach students without his ideals poisoning the lessons being taught.

    His actions can not go unpunished.

    I would like to see what kind of statement the JCPS would like to make regarding your employee.

    Thank you.


  3. Bravo… local action is now a necessaty. It’s time to take back our freedoms and ensure there is integrity in election representatives.

  4. LOL…. The same parents who keep re-electing the same County Commissioners and BOE members now want oversight. Until you vote out these incompetents, nothing will change.

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