Clayton Announces 6th Annual Sculpture Trail

Clayton’s reputation as an arts community is growing. Nearly 50 different sculptures were entered for consideration in the 2018-19 Clayton Sculpture Trail, a record-setting number for this annual rotating outdoor exhibit now going into its 6th year. Artists from as far a Florida and Indiana submitted works to be displayed throughout Downtown Clayton.

Sara Perricone, chairwoman of the Public Art Advisory Board, has announced the 11 and 2 alternates will we be exhibited beginning in June. They range from a 7-foot-tall horse sculptured from repurposed steel (Virginia Horse by Jonathan Bowling), a 12-foot tall oak leaf archway, to a piece entitled “Brave New World” that examines the transforming of our world by genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and fast-developing technologies whose practical and ethical implications are not yet fully understood.

Perricone also announced the winner of the $1,000 People’s Choice Award for the Sculpture Trail, where more than 850 votes were cast to decide the favorite. The Board is particularly proud of the participation with Clayton schools which encouraged more than 300 students to share their artistic opinions on public art. Their choice: the bright green and red spider-like creature located at Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library entitled “Creepy Crawley.” It was created by artist Adam Walls of Hope Mills, NC. His sculptures are essentially big toys and these interactive pieces won kudos from kids and parents alike. “My child loves this interactive art piece,” stated one voter. “I love this one because my family takes pictures on it,” stated another.  And directly quoting from the elementary school child’s ballot: “Since it’s where the liberry (sic) is, after you get a book you can read in it because it has shade and you’re in nature.”