Clayton High Principal Bennett Jones Reinstated

Superintendent of Johnston County Schools Dr. Jim Causby announced this afternoon (Monday) he was reinstating Dr. Bennett Jones as principal at Clayton High School.

“As Superintendent, I have invested much time reviewing the matter at Clayton High School and the grievance filed by Dr. Bennett Jones.  The individuals handling the investigation acted in a fair and appropriate manner, and, as a result of the review, numerous serious issues concerning the operations at the school were identified,” Dr. Causby said.

“After meeting with Dr. Bennett Jones and members of the community, I have reached two separate decisions.”

“First, I have ruled against all areas of Dr. Jones’ grievance against former superintendent Dr. Ross Renfrow,” Causby said.

“Second, I have decided to return Dr. Jones to Clayton High School as principal effective Monday, October 14, 2019.  Dr. Jones will be on a probationary basis during the 2019-20 school year with the task of addressing all issues revealed during the review. I have presented him with specific requirements that must be met to my satisfaction. His achievement or lack of achievement of those requirements will determine my future decisions on his employment and assignment.”

“I am hopeful that Dr. Jones, the Clayton High School team, and the Clayton community can work together to provide Clayton High School students an exemplary education,” Dr. Causby said.