Co-Founder Of Motorcycle Club Killed In Collision

SMITHFIELD – A motorcyclist died in a collision in Downtown Smithfield.  The accident was reported at 2:35am Saturday, July 16th at the intersection of East Market Street (US 70) at Brightleaf Boulevard (US 301). 

Smithfield Police said Jose Guadalupe Granados, age 40, of Four Oaks was traveling southbound on South Brightleaf Boulevard and collided with a pickup pulling a boat trailer traveling eastbound on Market Street.  The driver of the pickup, Stacy Ray Hobson, age 40, of Clayton was not injured.

Grandados was ejected from the motorcycle and died as a result of his injuries.  Police Lt. T.W. West said there was evidence Granados had consumed alcohol prior to the collision.  The cause of the crash remains under investigation. 

According to his obituary, Jose Granados was a paint and body technician. He was the co-founder and vice president of the Hook N Go motorcycle club and was always ready to help raise money for charity.  His funeral will take place Saturday, July 23rd.  


    • Look no need for your smart comments. This was a brother of ours and we don’t need your opinion.

      • I’m sorry your brother is dead, but at some point people need to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s a good thing he didn’t kill anyone else. Alcohol-related auto accidents account for nearly 10,000 deaths each year — and every single one of the are preventable. That’s the real tragedy. Maybe the motorcycle club will take DWI seriously and work to stop its members from doing this again.

        Trying to put blame on a lack of trailer lights is ridiculous.

        • that doesn’t matter sir the thing is he lost his life and if the lights where working he would be alive keep ur rudeness to yourself thanks.

        • No one is blaming nothing
          That’s one less brother that is out here helping the needy and the less fortunate and special need kids all around johnston county and surrounding areas Our brother has hundreds of people that will pick him or us up if we are unable to drive at anytime . He is Leaving behind his kids and wife so you trying to school us is spitting in our face. Just keep your opinion to yourself

  1. That motorcycle was tore up so bad you could not even Tell what kind it was and for it to happen at a intersection like that one 35mph could not have caused that much damage 35mph is the straight away how fast could you possibly go turning But RIP Granados you will be missed

    • No issues with any of the lights on truck or boat trailer or the fact he had the green light. The bike did not.

  2. The only reason my father smelt of alcohol was because of the little steel bottle he had on his chest pocket. He didn’t drink much before leaving or at the bar and didn’t want to go out anyways. He also called me because it was my birthday telling me not to drink and drive. Maybe instead of judging only what you read, you could be considerate and shut up. My father is dead, and I will never get him back. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything. You don’t know all the facts and you weren’t there.

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