Commissioner Ted Godwin Files For Third Term

Incumbent Johnston County Commissioner Chairman Ted Godwin has filed Monday for his third term.  Godwin, a retired banker, was first elected in 2012 to represent District 2. Mr. Godwin filed Monday at the Board of Elections Office in Smithfield.

We asked Mr. Godwin what prompted him to seek another four-year term.  “We have a lot of issues going on in the county at present. With the advantages of growth come problems of “needs” associated with or resulting from growth. Many people have urged me to seek another term to deal with these issues and maintain a conservative approach to government. One of the things that need correcting in this county is having restricted access to our trash collection points. We’re the only county that I know of in North Carolina that restricts citizens wanting to use the trash convenience sites. I won’t stop fighting to correct that until we get it accomplished. Quite frankly, it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to serve in this office, but I’m at a point in life that I can devote the necessary time to it,” Commissioner Godwin said.

When asked about some of his personal accomplishments on the Board of Commissioners, Godwin said, “As one of seven votes, not one of us can say we did a specific thing. I have been a conservative voice on every issue that has come before us. I am a man of faith and I let my faith guide me in making decisions…what is moral? what is right? What is in the best interest of most of our citizens? As chairman, I think I have maintained a proper amount of decorum and encouraged open dialogue with any citizen wishing to address our board. I believe the biggest contribution I have had on the board is a steady voice of reason and conservative approach to every issue.”

When asked about pressing issues like growth, school funding and infrastructure, Mr. Godwin said, “As much as we talk about “growth” being good, too much, too fast is not good. We need to dramatically change our growth-related ordinances – building, development, etc. – to effect a slowing to the speed of growth. As the tax base has grown, we remain “behind the power curve” as it relates to our ability to meet service demands. Our board is engaging stake holders now, including regular citizens, in a series of public information gatherings to put these measures in place. I plan to push as hard as I can to, not just “tweak” the rules, but seriously change them to retain rural nature of our rural areas and push growth to towns and create urban transition zones around the towns. I think we should require proposed subdivisions to meet basic standards as far as availability of services – or lack thereof.”

Mr. Godwin currently serves on the Johnston County Education Foundation Board of Directors, RPO Transportation Representative, Highway 70 Corridor Commission, US 70 Economic Impact Study Steering Committee, Johnston County Board of Commissioners, Western Johnston Regional Water & Sewer Authority, and Veterans Service Advisory Board.

He is also member of Selma American Legion Post 141, Central Johnston Rotary Club, former Chairman of the Kenly Area Chamber of Commerce, and former Sunday School Teacher and Deacon at Micro First Baptist Church.

“My core political philosophy can be captured in one word, “FREEDOM”, Chairman Godwin added. “Every regulation, every rule, every limit, inhibits our freedoms. But, as we get more dense and more diverse, we all have to find that balance that protects our collective freedoms and doesn’t destroy individual freedoms. That’s the part that requires us to work together for betterment of all. That’s why this job isn’t easy but I welcome the challenge.”