Commissioners Postpone Vote On Land, Mobile Home Park Purchase Option

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County Commissioners have tabled a vote on an option to buy four adjacent tracts of land including a mobile home park. The board voted 4-to-2 to table the decision until their October meeting when all seven commissioners are present.

Commissioners are reportedly considering the purchase of four tracts totaling approximately six acres on Highway 70 Business just east of Yelverton Grove Road and adjacent to the new Johnston County Jail and Public Safety Center site under construction. The six acres includes a mobile home park and old house owned by Larry Cox of Smithfield, doing business as C & S Properties.

Johnston County Commissioners are considering the purchase of these four parcels of land on Highway 70 East, adjacent to a new county jail and public safety center currently under construction. Johnston County GIS screenshot

During their Sept. 20th meeting, Commissioners discussed a 12-page Offer to Purchase contract with C & S Properties.

The contract includes an Option Agreement, which would give the County until December 30, 2021 to decide whether or not they want to buy the parcels. The County would pay Mr. Cox $5,000 for the option, which would go towards the purchase price if commissioners decide to move forward with the real estate acquisition.

If the option is exercised before December 30, the County would pay Mr. Cox $450,000 for the six acres and mobile home park. The parcels have a combined tax value of $268,660.

However, during their Sept. 20th meeting, commissioners could not decide on whether to move forward with the contract immediately or wait until Commissioner Tony Braswell, who was absent, could be in attendance at the next scheduled meeting on October 4th.

Commissioners voted 4-to-2 to table the decision until the October meeting when Mr. Braswell will be present. Commissioners Patrick Harris and Fred Smith voted against tabling the matter, preferring to vote on it immediately.

The entrance to the mobile home park is just a few yards east of the Johnston County Jail and Public Safety Center complex under construction.

County Manager Rick Hester said if Commissioners ultimately decide to purchase the real estate adjacent to the Public Safety Campus it would give the County space for a new Auxiliary Building, if needed in the future.


  1. Seems like a no brainer deal…from an investment perspective the trailer park is worth that. Not sure why the county would table this and spend a million on bleachers at schools.

  2. Here is all you need to know, the pseudo conservative chairman of our board of commissioners Chad Stewart is going to vote as a liberal progressive liberal and pretend to be a conservative. Folks you cant be married to a Teacher’s Union Teacher and and not let your votes support the liberal progressive liberal agenda. Then we have commissioner Tony Braswell that rents commercial property from the chairman of the board for his lively hood and so he has to have his votes supporting what ever the chairman wants. Oh and folks just do a little research and find out what other commissioner is married to a Teacher’s Union Teacher? Do you Parents and Tax Payers see now why the NCAE “ AKA the Teacher’s Union” has control of your kids and your board of commissioners. Mr. Fred and Mr. Patrick I am afraid you guys are out numbered.

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