Conference Call For Selma Town Council Meeting

SELMA – Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the Town of Selma will implement extra measures to ensure their Town Council meeting tonight (Tuesday) will remain an open and public forum.

To provide an avenue for those wanting to witness this public meeting, the Town will host a conference call of the meeting.

To access the meeting:

  • Call +1-408-418-9388
  • Enter the meeting number (access code): 622 343 301
  • Enter the meeting password: 66737987

To ensure that the public comment portion of the meeting is fulfilled to the best of our abilities, the Town requires that public comments be email to Town Clerk Jamie Whitley before 3 p.m. at Public comments will be read during the meeting. The same policies and decorum will be observed for this phone-assisted public comment as are observed in person.