Extra Measures To Be Taken For Benson Board Of Commissioners Meeting

BENSON –  Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the Town of Benson will implement extra measures to ensure their Board of Commissioners meeting tonight (Tuesday) will remain an open and public forum.

Social distancing limitations require that the Conference Center, where Board meetings are held, host no more than 10 people at a time. To provide an avenue for those wanting to witness this public meeting, the Town will livestream the meeting on its YouTube channel.

To ensure that the public comment portion of the meeting is fulfilled to the best of our abilities, the Town will also have a phone line open for those wanting to address commissioners. The same policies and decorum will be observed for this phone-assisted public comment as are observed in person.

Those wishing to participate in public comment can call (919)-894-3553 at 7pm. Phone lines will remain open for 15 minutes or as long as needed based on call volume. Those that would like their comments read during public comment can email Interim Town Clerk Tyler Douglas at tdouglas@townofbenson.com.