County Commissioners Vote To Raise Their Salaries By 102 Percent

Johnston County Commissioners have voted to give themselves a pay raise. It’s their first salary increase in two decades.

Human Resource Director Lu Hickey presented the findings of a salary study to commissioners at their September monthly meeting. Hickey said based on the average compensation of peer counties, Johnston County could adjust Commissioners salaries to $16,000 per year. The Chairman could receive a salary of $19,000, she said.

Currently, Commissioners make $494.84 per month ($5,938.08 per year).  The Chairman makes $671.39 per month ($8,056.68 per year). Commissioners also receive other benefits.

Commissioner Ted Godwin said the 7 elected leaders currently make less than minimum wage and pointed out there has been no change in compensation in 20 years. He added board members were doing a lot of work and felt a salary increase was justified but not as high as recommended in the study.

Godwin recommended a salary increase to $1,000 per month ($12,000 per year) for commissioners and $1,100 per month ($13,200 per year) for the chairman.   The board voted unanimously to give themselves a pay increase effective immediately.   It represents a 102 percent pay increase for the 6 commissioners and a 64% pay hike for the chairman.

Commissioners will continue to receive other benefits including free health and dental insurance, life insurance, $400 per month for travel ($500 per month for the chairman), and reimbursement for out of county travel including mileage, meals and hotels.  The monthly cost for health insurance is $639 per commissioner.