County Property Revaluations Jump 24 Percent

Largest Increases In Clayton, Archer Lodge, Cleveland, Wilson’s Mills    

The Johnston County Tax Office has completed the revaluation of more than 100,000 parcels.  Revaluation letters were mailed out last week to landowners informing them of the new values.

Western sections of the county closest to Wake County saw some of the highest increases in land and home values, while Smithfield, Four Oaks and Kenly saw the smallest increases.

During the last revaluation in 2011, there were 89,276 parcels, according to Tax Administrator Jocelyn Andrews. The 2019 revaluation reviewed 100,612 an increase of 11,336 parcels in the last 8 years.

Andrews said certain sections of the county were growing faster than others.  She said appraisers could not see inside homes and buildings and know the exact conditions. Andrews said the county wants to be fair to all citizens and has established a way to appeal tax values.

Overall, the 2019 property revaluation was up 24.07 percent over the 2011 valuation.  2011 values were up 14.16 percent over 2003 valuations.

The Town of Clayton (city limits) saw the largest average increase of any municipality with a 26.99% increase in home, building and land values.  They were followed by Archer Lodge with an average increase of 26.67%.  Wilson’s Mills ranked third highest with an increase of 21.3%.

By township, Clayton saw a 32.71% average increase, followed by Elevation at 28.63%, Cleveland at 26.97%, Wilders 26.29% and Pleasant Grove 25.52%.

Township Percentage Average Change

Township 2011 2019
Banner 13.31% 17.23%
Bentonville 6.65 11.84
Beulah 12.68 13.26
Boon Hill 12.35 15.37
Clayton 14.03 32.71
Cleveland 15.85 26.97
Elevation 10.13 28.63
Ingrams 14.21 15.05
Meadow 6.96 14.06
Micro 12.16 15.17
O’Neals 9.27 23.35
Pine Level 17.26 17.11
Pleasant Grove 10.74 25.52
Selma 15.90 15.75
Smithfield 19.02 16.62
Wilders 9.23 26.29
Wilson’s Mills 11.29 23.75
Countywide % 14.16 24.07
Total Parcels 89,276 100,612

City Limits Percentage Average Change

City 2011 2019
Archer Lodge 11.95% 26.67%
Benson 14.75 16.69
Clayton 16.27 26.99
Four Oaks 14.57 13.24
Kenly 19.60 13.36
Micro 9.50 17.19
Pine Level 20.11 16.79
Princeton 20.95 15.07
Selma 21.27 16.95
Smithfield 21.64 13.71
Wilson’s Mills 9.90 21.30
City Limits % Increase 20.59
City Limits Total Parcels 26,315

As of Jan. 7th, 388 appeals had already been filed and some of those appeals were already being heard. The appeals process will continue as long as necessary. Andrews estimates that will take about 10 weeks.

Commissioner Vice Chairman Chad Stewart said he was approached by several citizens about their new values. “Some were pleased, some had questions.”

Commissioner Butch Lawter said he was approached over-the-weekend while shopping and on Sunday at his church by individuals asking questions about the values.

Chairman Ted Godwin said he had 3 parcels of land. “I am okay with two. One I plan to appeal.”

To file an appeal with the Johnston County Tax Office click on this link.